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Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

she - thirsty as hell

loneliness is the sensation of not feeling loved. enough.
besides the fear to never find home, her biggest fear and biggest insecurity is to not be loved. to be taken more or less randomly for someone to feel less lonely, because her greatest talent is to be able to love and to be very patient. for the rest, she's just a strange 18-year old human being getting stranger every day.
so, she continues giving, spreading love... of course, love is selfless and it is given just to be given, love is what it is. but she doesn't deny that she always, always hopes to get some back but it's always too little for a person like her, thirsty as hell.
she tends to give more and get less and this is destroying her.
lonely as devil down there, not even seen.
where is she?

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

a pretty new one about... yes, about what?

When I close my eyes
I can see infinity
when I open them
I lose myself in yours.

The more I try to see
the less I understand
the presence of the past
the essence of the future.

Where am I now
I found myself in the eye of the storm
where there is total calm
I get confused by everything quirling around me.

I'd rather want to be in the middle
feeling everything, not only observing
I'd rather be with those quirly things
accepting that I can't hold anything.

Illusion or reality?
what exists and whats doesn't
doesn't matter at the end
reality is what you think.

Dreams as hope and love
are nothing for the weak
the world belongs to those who cry
and do not fear infinity.

an old one about waiting and about hope

only the moment matters 

like a good song
where the tension
slowly grows and you wait
for the beat to drop
to let go off everything
and feel pure happiness
so is life
it goes up and down
good things come slowly
it takes time of calm
to freak out        
and then      

only the moment matters

an old one about not feeling anything anymore

something in me died
autumn's coming
snow is beginning to fall
up there high in the mountains
snow is beginning to fall
even down there deep inside me
hiding what was alive once
but isn't any longer
and still didn't rise like jesus did
this lack of energy  
that turns into deep sadness
nobody here
feeling me
and i am lost       
it is frosty        
at least ice keeps it safe
will it survive
till sun comes up?