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Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

the measurement of the sky. a praise to the perfection of the big picture and the calmness of nature

I don't always get the magnitude of the universe and the measurement of the sky, but when I do, I get confused about how mind-blowing the simplicity of the infinite blackness of the roof lining we're living under is. those pretty little lights hovering in the perfect darkness won't give me a sense of smallness or pettiness any longer, because when I look into this canopy holding us safe I realize  how miraculous this is and if it is not all imaginary, if we are really here, which I'm not always so sure about because it still feels unreal, even though in all this years I've done nothing but inhabiting this wonderful place we call earth and I can’t think of another thing to do, I still just can't believe it, for that is not self-evident at all. If it is not all imaginary, I was saying, then, I'm sure, there has to be a reason for it. Not only for it to exist, but also for us to exist, and I have not even come close to understanding what kind of reason this could be, but I don’t really think it is so important to know. There surely has to be a reason we, you!, are having this unique opportunity to simply breath the fresh air on a cold winter night, or just to feel the heat of the sun on our salty skin while we're feeling the warmth of the sand under our calm fingers... but all that counts is, whatever it is why we are here, that we never forget for even a second that even if it feels so natural, we don’t have to forget to be thankful for just one second. While we're just trying to figure out our nonsense struggles and problems in life, caring and worrying about things that are not even worth one single stupid thought, the world just keeps spinning around. If you want to learn how to be really happy, you just got to admire nature and feel the calmness of all the creatures and living beings as well as of not living beings and you'll realize that to be happy you don't need anything but to observe the greatness and perfection of the big picture. That's it. When I look up in the sky, I feel like every of this words is totally useless, futile and superfluous, because all you got to do is to open your eyes and let the beauty take possession of your heart and soul.