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Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

a little sad

i would like to be at home right now. if i'd know where i'm at home...
i would like so much to feel at home... no matter where, no matter with who.
but i'm not
i don't.
where do i belong? let's blow out all the candles and forget about everything for a while...
i'm tired of thinking, of being where i am and not being able to be happy with what i have right now... i don't want this feelings anymore, i wish i could accept life the way it is...

i guess i have to handle with my sadness alone... as long as i don't know what i want and what i need... with my melancholy... time passes by anyways... they say the world keeps spinning around and they are right.

i think i now figured out how life works. well, i know that i don't know anything! that i have made some important experiences in my short life and a lot of progress in the last few months but it's nothing compared to other people. but what i have learned is that everything changes. it's all about keeping moving, never resting and being able to let go and to be sincere and keeping moving, one step after another... time will bring you where you want to be.
it is a little sad that we have no control over anything and are incredibly powerless. but life is fun anyways, somehow. don't you think? so much pain and we still love life. don't you?