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Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

she - thirsty as hell

loneliness is the sensation of not feeling loved. enough.
besides the fear to never find home, her biggest fear and biggest insecurity is to not be loved. to be taken more or less randomly for someone to feel less lonely, because her greatest talent is to be able to love and to be very patient. for the rest, she's just a strange 18-year old human being getting stranger every day.
so, she continues giving, spreading love... of course, love is selfless and it is given just to be given, love is what it is. but she doesn't deny that she always, always hopes to get some back but it's always too little for a person like her, thirsty as hell.
she tends to give more and get less and this is destroying her.
lonely as devil down there, not even seen.
where is she?

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