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Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Hello everyone!
I am aware that not only Italians and Germans are following my blog, but also people from USA, Belgium, Switzerland, England and Ukraine (and some more)and it's something that makes me really proud. I wanted to thank all of you for reading my words. I am trying to write always in English because obviously I want all of you to understand my texts. It has always been my purpose to inspire, you know. Anyways, I have found some older texts and poems in German that I would like to publish, even because I don't really have got much time to write at the moment...
I found this poem I wrote two years ago in summer, and somehow I like it. I was inspired by a very heavy illness someone in my family has that really makes him fade away. I prefer not to tell you what I meant with these verses, I prefer to let the Interpretation free to you. Poems should open our minds, and this only happens if we think and do the  interpretation on ourselves.
Thank you again to all the readers out there! You probably are more diligent than I am ;)
with love, Mitsuki

"Fading Away"

Wir spazieren

durch die schwach erleuchteten Straßen

nachdem der blasse Mond mich ans Fenster lockte

und du mich aus der Dunkelheit ansahst.

Seit heute, für immer, deine Stimme so nah, dein Körper so fern.


Ich schleiche

durchs leere Haus

eine schlaflose Nacht,

das Knarren der Dielen der einzige Klang.

Das Feuer ist aus, das Fenster zu, die Schritte zu leise, die Stille so laut.



bist nicht

was mir nimmt

was ich



Und ich sehe meinen Arm

nicht mehr,

Und ich bewege mein Bein,

nicht mehr,

Und ich fühle mein Herz….. …. … .. (nicht mehr) .

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